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Redwood Burl Vortex w/ Titanium intercooler


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Upgrade your Dynavap

Improve your Dynavap with cooler vapor, better airflow, and the kind of class that can only be found with the Simrell Vortex. Dynavap vaporizers have taken the market by storm with their minimalist design that fits in any pocket, and is instantly ready to vape. With a little practice, this flame powered vape delivers tasty, powerful vapor from small amounts. Shaped like a cigarette, it makes for an easy transition from smoking to vaporizing. The Dynavap lives by simplicity and elegance, ditching the batteries for any other heat source. The Vortex Stem builds on that, adding a touch of class with a luxurious, top-shelf feel and improved performance.

Simply sophisticated

This Vortex Stem is built from Redwood Burl and fully lined with medical grade SS, with a philosophy of “simple sophistication.” Expertly crafted with the smoker in mind, its torpedo, pen-shaped body mimics the look and feel of a well-rolled Blunt. The tapered shape mates with any 10mm connection, so you can drop it in your favorite glass pipe, No adapter needed.

Offset airport changes the game

With the original Dynavap, air enters through the airport and randomly disperses around the insulation tube before reaching the heating chamber. With the Vortex Stem, however, air spirals around the tube, creating a vortex that literally pulls the vapor out of your herbs, for denser, thicker hits. The airport’s teardrop shape and tapered edge let you fine tune the air flow like never before.

Coolest Dyna-vapor around

The Vortex Stem’s durable, medical grade titanium intercooler produces some of the coolest, smoothest vapor you can get from a Dynavap, with even more air flow. Its spiral shape lengthens the vapor path, and creates more surface area to cool the vapor before reaching your lips. As an added bonus, the Vortex Stem can be used with any vaporizer you it attach to. Pull off the Dynavap tip, grab an adapter, and use your imagination!


One piece, easy to clean design

Our wood stems require a different approach for cleaning and maintenance. Remove the intercooler and soak it in isopropyl alcohol, rinse and dry. Dip a pipe cleaner in isopropyl alcohol, and clear out the inside of the condenser tube, as well as the spacing between the wood and the condenser tube. The spacing shouldn’t collect any debris, but it should be cleaned out after extensive use. Dip the pipe cleaner in warm water and wipe away any alcohol left behind. Wait for everything to dry, reassemble, and apply some wood wax to maintain the finish.


** Vortex comes packaged in complimentary storage tube and all natural wood conditioner that is made in house.**